1. Mod your wii to play burned games(only older consoles apply to this mod), includes 5 free wii games on discs, and more than 900 classic games from nintendo and super nintendo and sega =============> $45
  2. Mod your wii to play wii games of a hard drive, included are at least 125 full wii games installed into and external hard drive, and more than 900 classic games. (if you provide the external hard drive, at least 250 gigs, ) the service goes for ===================>$75
  3. Mod your wii to play of an external hard drive, but this time i provide everything including a brand new external hard drive and a 2g sd card. Includes at least 125 wii games, and the classics.==================> $170
  4. If your wii is previously modded and just want more games its $5 a game on disc or $3 a game on your hard drive.
  5. I can also install classic games to your previously modded wii for $25 dollars, all i need is a 2g sd card from you.
  6. REMODZ.... sometimes people update their wii's which is the worst thing anyone can do because it is even harder to remod than the first time. If this happened to you i can Remod your wil also.this goes for ======>$50


  1.  Regular psp mod, includes psp 1000 to psp slim 3000. Depending on the size of your memory card is the amount of games you get.(i give people the option to bring a usb flash drive and i can install psp games in there and i can show you how to swap out games yourself) u get up to 20 psp games.============>$60
  2. Psp go's, can fit from 18 to 40 full psp games depending on the games you want(psp games vary in size from .3 g to 1.5 g.)=========================>$65
  3. I can also install classic emulator games from nintendo and super nintendo in any psp(free with any mod). I can fit up to 500 classics in 1gig of your psp's memory.

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